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South Coast Group Seven Rugby League how It All Began

Rugby League was formed on the South Coast on April 30th 1913 when a meeting was held at the Prince of Wales Hotel Nowra with representatives of Nowra Warriors, Nowra Wallabies, Kangaroo Valley and Captains Point Death Adders clubs were in attendance. The competition was known as the Shoalhaven League with Harold Maroney President, Cecil Rauch Secretary and T. Wilkinson Treasurer. On May 10th a Sydney team played a game at Nowra to explain the rules of rugby league to the locals. On May 21st 1913 the first competition games were played with Nowra Warrios defeating Kangaroo Valley 10-0 and Nowra Wallabies defeating Captains Point Death Adders 9-5 at Nowra Showground. Naval College was another competing team. Warrios completed the season undefeated and was declared Premiers.

At the same time attemps were made to form a Northern League competition at Kiama but the New South Wales League refused to affiliate them . Several of the northern clubs attemted to join the Shoalhaven league and on May 30th 1914 a meeting held at the Brighton Hotel Kiama formed the South Coast Rugby League. This name was retained until 1955 when it became Group Seven and in 1980 the name become South Coast Group Seven. Clubs in the 1914 competition were Kiama, Bombo, Naval College, Jamberoo, Gerringong, Berry, Nowra Warrios and Kangaroo Valley. In the final Gerringong defeated Nowra Warrios 11-10. With the exception of breaks due to World Wars One and Two, rugby league has continued to be the leading spectator sport during winter along the coastal area.

South Coast Group Seven Rugby League Trophy and Awards

Club Championship
2009. Warilla Lake South
2010. Gerringong
2011. Berry Shoalhaven Heads
2012. Gerringong
2013. Warilla Lake South
2014. Shellharbour
2015. Shellharbour
2016. Gerringong
2017. Kiama
2018. Kiama
2019. Kiama
Leo O’Dwyer Cup
2009. Albion Park Oak Flats
2010. Gerringong, Albion Park Oak Flats
2011. Albion Park Oak Flats
2012. Gerringong
2013. Gerringong, Warilla Lake South
2014. Shellharbour
2015. Shellharbour
2016. Gerringong
2017. Jamberoo, Kiama, Nowra-Bomaderry, Shellharbour
2018. Shellharbour, Gerringong
2019 Shellharbour
Michael Cronin Medal
2009. Thomas Cook (Milton Ulladulla)
2010, Alex Volkanovski (Warilla Lake South)
2011. Adam Stone (Milton Ulladulla)
2012. Sam Stewart (Nowra Bomaderry)
2013. Brad Davidson (Gerringong)
2014. Harold Snell (Shellharbour)
2015. Adam Stone (Milton Ulladulla
2016. Dylan McGregor (Shellharbour)
2017. Matt Carroll (Shelharbour)
2018. Cameron Vazzaler (Kiama)
2019. Daniel Burke (Warilla Lake South)
2020 Luke Asquith (Jamberoo) & Kieran Poole (Kiama)
Athol Noble Medal
2009. John Carey (Greenwell Point)
2010. NC
2011. NC
2012. NC
2013. NC
2014. Josh Check (Stingrays of Shellharbour)
2015. Jason Lennard (Shellharbour)
2016. Chris Daniel (Albion Park Outlaws)
2017. Mark Tierman (Albion Park Outlaws)
2018. Dale Hammond Sussex Inlet
2019. Dylan Riggs (Mount Warrigal)
Player of the Year
2009. Derek Gray (Albion Park Oak Flats)
(Award discontinued)
St George Illawarra Under 21 Player of the Year
2009 David Catterall (Gerringong)
(Award discontinued)
Roy Stewart Rookie of the Year
2009. Tyson Brown (Warilla Lake South)
2010. Rixon Russell (Gerringong)
2011. Adam Quinlan (Jamberoo)
2012. Joe Rogers (Berry Shoalhaven Heads)
2013. Corey Mulhall (Gerringong)
2014. Ryan James (Nowra Bomaderry)
2015. Kurt Field (Shellharbour)
2016. Blair Grant (Warilla Lake South)
2017. Cameron Vazzolar (Kiama)
2018. Blake Dowel (Warilla Lake South)
2019. Alexander Weir (Gerringong)
Kevin Walsh Memorial Leading Points Scorer
2009. Matt Carroll (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2010. Joel Roberts (Gerringong)
2011. Adam Quinlan (Jamberoo)
2012. Joel Roberts (Gerringong)
2013. Joel Roberts (Gerringong)
2014. Mark Brandon (Nowra Bomaderry)
2015. Joel Roberts (Gerringong)
2016. Matt Carroll (Shellharbour), Joel Roberts (Gerringong) tied
2017. Matt Carroll (Shellharbour)
2018. Matt Carroll (Shellharbour)
2019. Cam Vazzoler (Kiama)
Tim Jones Memorial Leading Try Scorer
2009. Thomas Cook (Milton Ulladulla)
2010. Rixon Russell (Gerringong)
2011. Adam Quinlan (Jamberoo)
2012. Rixon Russell (Gerringong)
2013. Rixon Russell (Gerringong)
2014. Mark Brandon (Nowra Bomaderry)
2015. Aaron Henry (Warilla Lake South)
2016. Dylan Morris (Kiama)
2017. Ben Barnard (Jamberoo), Toby Gumley-Quine (Gerringong), Tyson Simpson (Nowra Bomaderry) tied
2018. Jason Gray (Shellharbour)
2019. Matt Winchester (Gerringong)
Bill James Under 18 Player of the Year
2009. James Gilmore (Kiama)
2010. Adam Thomson (Gerringong)
2011. Joe Rodgers (Berry Shoalhaven Heads), Nick Goodman (Milton Ulladulla)
2012. Drew Hutchison (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2013. Kirren Roughley (Milton Ulladulla)
2014. Jack Parrish (Berry)
2015. Wade Aitken (Shellharbour)
2016. Dylan Morris (Kiama)
2017. Jayden Millard (Milton Ulladulla)
2018. Jake Brisbane (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2019. Sam Hooper (Warilla Lake South)
Doreen and Len Holz Memorial Under 18 leading Try Scorer
2009. Trent Ryan (Milton Ulladulla)
2010. Adam Quinlan (Culburra Greenwell Point)
2011. Blake Sommerville (Milton Ulladulla)
2012. Blake Jones (Albion Park Oak Flats), Blake Mackey (Milton Ulladulla)
2013. Mitch McGlynn (Berry)
2014. Alec Brookes (Gerringong)
2015. Dylan Morris (Kiama)
2016. Matthew Cornell (Kiama)
2017. Jake Brisbane (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2017. Jake Brisbane (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2018. Billy Hayburn (Berry Shoalhaven Heads)
2019. Callum Gromek (Warilla Lake South)
Stan Barrington Memorial Under 18 Leading Points Scorer
2009. Trent Ryan (Milton Ulladulla)
2010. Matthew Hayman (Milton Ulladulla)
2011. Josh Coulter (Berry Shoalhaven Heads)
2012. Blake Jones (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2013. Jack Parrish (Berry)
2014. Brock Caton (Stingrays)
2015. Dean Watling (Culburra)
2016. Tom Murray (Kiama)
2017. Jaiden Fenwick (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2018. Kealen Blattner (Berry Shoalhaven Heads)
2019. Billy Hayburn (Berry Shoalhaven Heads)

Kevin Walsh Scholarship Award
2009. Thomas Berry (Nowra Warriors), Mitchell Liddicoat (Berry Shoalhaven Heads)
2010. Kade Kentwell (Albion Park Oak Flats) Alex Rossetto (Milton Ulladulla)
2011. Bradley Hammond, Khy Whitford (Milton Ulladulla)
2012. Travis Burns (Bomaderry)
2013. Harley Grundy, James Hayman (Milton Ulladulla)
2014. Colton Anderson, Hamish Shorland (Milton Ulladulla)
2015. Cole Thomson (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2016. Liam Conlon, Tarje Whitford (Milton Ulladulla)
2017. Lleyton Roach (Milton Illadulla)
2018. Caleb Potts (Kiama)
2019. Caelum Elliott (Milton Ulladulla)

Sharon Clark Ladies League Tag Division 1 Player of the Year
2011. Kristi Pan (Kiama)
2012. Kara Lee Nolan (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2013. Aimee Barnard (Jamberoo)
2014. Ebony Murray (Milton Ulladulla)
2015. Cheyanne Hatch (Milton Ulladulla)
2016. Cheyanne Hatch (Milton Ulladulla)
2017. Carly Ryan (Jamberoo)
2018. Cheyne Hatch (Milton Ulladulla)
2019. Kristie Falzon (Nowra Bomaderry)

Syd Weller Ladies League Tag Division 2 Player of the Year
2018. Tamieka Jarrett (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2019. Tamieka Jarrett (Shellharbour)

Harold Alcock Memorial Outstanding Contribution to the Game
2005. Michael Tierney (Kiama)
2006. Mark Roberts (Warilla Lake South)
2007. Geoff Ward (Jamberoo)
2008 Ben Byrne (Referees Association)
2009. Connie Dallas (Jamberoo)
2010. Pat Kane (Gerringong)
2011. Wayne Strong (Berry Shoalhaven Heads)
2012. Ray Tarlinton (Warilla Lake South)
2013. Daryl Hobbs (Gerringong)
2014. Peter Hooper (Warilla Lake South)
2015. Narelle Barry (Berry Shoalhaven Heads)
2016. Atfield Family (Nowra Bomaderry)
2017. Ralph Clarke (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2018. Alan (Squeaker) Carroll (Shellharbour)
2019. Daniella Puckeridge (Albion Park Oak Flats)

Representative Player of the Year
2011. Patrick Cronin (Gerringong)
2012. Rixon Russell (Gerringong), Dean Gray (Albion Park Oak Flats)
2013. Grant Roberts (Batemans Bay)
2014. Aaron Henry (Warilla Lake South)
2015. Mark Walsh (Warilla Lake South) Joel Roberts (Gerringong)
2016. NA
2017. Brock Skelly (Shellharbour)
2018. Corey Grigg (Jamberoo)
2019. Luke Sutton (Kiama)

Kevin Walsh Scholarship .(Incorrectly recorded in the first five years).
1976. Greg Poole (Kiama)
1977. Glen Southwell (Warilla Lake South)
1978. Cliff Harris (Nowra Warriors)
1979 Mark Fisher (Nowra Warriors)
1980 Tommy Dennis (Warilla Lake South)


1913 Nowra Warriors
1914 Gerringong
1915 Jamberoo
1916 No Comp
1917 No Comp
1918 Gerringong
1919 Nowra Warriors Kiama Waratahs
1920 Gerringong Bomaderry
1921 Gerringong Kiama
1922 Gerringong Kangaroo Valley Berry (C Grade)
1923 Berry Kiama Starlights
1924 Gerringong Bombo
1925 Kiama Jamberoo
1926 Berry  No Comp
1927 Jamberoo Nowra Warriors
1928 Berry No Comp
1929 Bombo Kiama
1930 Kiama-Bombo Nowra Warriors
1931 Jamberoo Kiama-Bombo
1932 Jamberoo Kiama-Bombo
1933 Kiama-Bombo Nowra Warriors
1934 Nowra Warriors Nowra Warriors
1935 Berry Pyree
1936 Berry Kiama-Bombo
1937 Berry Nowra Warriors
1938 Nowra Warriors Jamberoo, Albion Park Gerringong
1939 Shellharbou No Comp Pyree
1940 Gerringong No Comp Gerringong
1941 Berry No Comp No Comp
1942 No Comp No Comp No Comp
1943 No Comp No Comp  No Comp
1944 Albion Park No Comp Shellharbour (U19)
1945 Kiama Pyree Kiama (U19)
1946 Kiama Jamberoo Kiama (U19)
1947 Kiama Jamberoo Berry (U19)
1948 Kiama Milton-Ulladulla Kiama (U17)
1949 Albion Park Roseby Park Berry
1950 Kiama Kiama Kiama (U19)
1951 Jamberoo Kiama Gerringong
1952 Berry  Nowra Warriors Kiama
1953 Berry Kangaroo Valley Kiama
1954 Berry Nowra Warriors A.Park O.Flats
1955 Nowra Warriors No Comp Nowra Warriors
1956 Gerringong No Comp Kiama
1957 Nowra Warriors Albatross  Shellharbour
1958 Jamberoo Albatross Kiama
1959 Nowra Warriors Shellharbour Shellharbour
1960 Gerringong Jervis Bay Shellharbour
1961 Jamberoo Albatross Shellharbour
1962 Shellharbour Shellharbour Nowra Warriors
1963 Albion Park Shellharbour Shellharbour
1964 Albion Park Shellharbour Shellharbour (U17)
1965 Gerringong Shellharbour Albion Park (U17)
1966 Berry A.Park O.Flats A.Park O.Flats
1967 Berry Nowra Warriors Nowra Warriors
1968 Gerringong Bomaderry Warilla
1969 Kiama Jamberoo Milton-Ulladulla No Comp
1970 Gerringong Albatross Wandandian Warilla
1971 Shellharbour W. Shellharbour W. Shellharbour W. Nowra Warriors
1972 Gerringong Albatross Jamberoo Berry
1973 Shellharbour W. Shellharbour W. Gerringong Berry
1974 Jamberoo Nowra Warriors A.Park O.Flats Warilla
1975 A.Park O.Flats Shellharbour W. Warilla Bomaderry
1976 Bomaderry A.Park O.Flats Warilla Bomaderry
1977 Nowra Warriors Bomaderry Shellharbour W. Bomaderry
1978 Warilla Nowra Warriors Albatross A.Park O.Flats
1979 Batemans Bay Nowra Warriors Nowra Warriors Nowra Warriors
1980 Warilla Milton-Ulladulla Wreck Bay Utd. Nowra Warriors
1981 Nowra Warriors Nowra Warriors A.Park O.Flats Bomaderry
1982 Warilla Kiama Milton-Ulladulla Kiama
1983 Kiama Shellharbour W. Warilla Berry S/Heads
1984 Warilla Batemans Bay Crookhaven A.Park O.Flats
1985 Kiama Nowra Warriors A.Park O.Flats Nowra Warriors
1986 Batemans Bay Batemans Bay Albatross Warilla
1987 Milton-Ulladulla Warilla Shol. All Blacks Nowra Warriors
1988 Warilla Crookhaven Warilla
1989 Milton-Ulladulla Milton-Ulladulla Crookhaven Warilla
1990 Gerringong Shellharbour Crookhaven A.Park O.Flats
1991 Warilla Warilla A.Park O.Flats Warilla
1992 Batemans Bay Warilla Jamberoo Kiama
1993 Nowra Warriors Batemans Bay Jamberoo Nowra Warriors
1994 Gerringong Warilla Jamberoo Gerringong
1995 Warilla Gerringong Wreck Bay Utd. Nowra Warriors
1996 Nowra Warriors Bomaderry Jamberoo Bay/Basin
1997 Warilla A.Park O.Flats Jamberoo Bay/Basin
1998 A.Park O.Flats A.Park O.Flats Crookhaven Warilla
1999 A.Park O.Flats A.Park O.Flats Sussex Inlet A.Park O.Flats
2000 A.Park O.Flats Shellharbour City Sussex Inlet Gerringong
2001 Shellharbour City Shellharbour City Jamberoo Warilla Lake Sth
2002 Batemans Bay Gerringong A.Park O.Flats Kiama
2003 A.Park-Oak Flats Shellharbour City A.Park O.Flats Shellharbour
2004 Milton-Ulladulla Shellharbour City Greenwell Point Kiama Knights
2005 Milton-Ulladulla Shellharbour City Albion Park Outlaws Milton-Ulladulla
2006 A.Park-Oak Flats Shellharbour City Albion Park Outlaws Milton-Ulladulla
2007 A.Park-Oak Flats Warilla Mt Warrigal Kooris Shellharbour
2008 Milton-Ulladulla Albion Park-Oak Flats Greenwell Point Milton-Ulladulla
2009 Albion Park-Oak Flats Berry/Shoal Heads Greenwell Point Culburra
2010 Gerringong Warilla-Lake South Gerringong Warilla-Lake South
2011 Warilla-Lake South Gerringong Milton- Ulladulla Kiama
2012 Albion Park-Oak Flats Kiama Albion Park-Oak Flats Nowra Bomaderry
2013 Gerringong Warilla-Lake South Kiama Kiama
2014 Nowra – Bomaderry Kiama Stingrays Shellharbour City Milton – Ulladulla
2015 Gerringong Shellharbour City Shellharbour City Nowra Bomaderry Kiama
2016 Gerringong Shellharbour City Culburra Kiama Jamberoo
2017 Jamberoo Kiama Mt Warrigal Milton- Ulladulla Kiama
2018 Shellharbour Kiama Mt Warrigal Albion Park-Oak Flats Kiama Albion Park-Oak Flats
2019  Kiama Knights Albion Park-Oak Flats Mt Warrigal Warilla-Lake South Jamberoo Shellharbour Sharks
2020 Gerringong Nowra Bomaderry Robertson Shellharbour Jamberoo Albion Park Oak Flats
No 2021 Premiers due to COVID
2022 Warilla Lake South Jamberoo Gerringong (Blue) Sussex Inlet Stingrays of Shellharbour Shellharbour Sharks